Arya and Psychic have bred this fall and puppies are expected to be born by the end of December, 2021. Arya comes from a herding line from Wales out of Ken Evans. Her herding background and international pedigree will make a complimentary match with Psychic, who comes from an American sporting line. The possibilities of this first litter is well structured, biddable dogs with a lot of drive. 

My name is Mandre Lascurain, I live in sunny South Florida, and am starting my breeding program with my foundation female, Arya. She is an adventurous, overly affection, pool loving Border Collie with an incredible herding instinct.

Why I got into breeding

My first dog was from a pet store, a Golden Retriever named Goldie who died at 3 years old from what vets declared a genetic disorder. I was 9 years old and Goldie was best friend. Distraught, I took to researching how this could happen and learned about genetics and good dog breeders.

My next dog, Vodka was from a breeder who I thoroughly researched, talked to, and at 10 years old made my family travel to visit. I was awed by her program and ever since then wanted to be a breeder. Vodka lived a long life, had an incredible temperament, and was everything you’d ever want from a family dog. She taught me the importance of a well bred dog from a reputable breeder. I strive to provide that same comfort to all future puppy owners.